About the firm

Since its foundation in the year 1998, NEZÁVISLÁ PŘEJÍMKA Ltd. has been focused on independent wood mass acceptance for crucial consumers in the Czech Republic. Independent acceptance of wood mass is conducted by highly qualified employees at the firm's individual centers in accordance with technical conditions specified by the consumers. Results of qualitative and quantitative wood mass acceptance and the logistical data of suppliers are available in a controlled-access part of this website.

Characteristics of the business

The company's primary business area includes services associated with the acceptance of wood mass at its consumer's location and also during the whole process of its trading, including all associated services.

Independent wood acceptance by NEZÁVISLÁ PŘEJÍMKA Inc. quite clearly follows the trend of the Scandinavian model of wood mass acceptance. That model is heading towards a national scope, especially in the case of dominant wood mass consumers operating in the Czech Republic with the goal of applying national standards to wood mass acceptance.

NEZÁVISLÁ PŘEJÍMKA Ltd. creates conditions for conceptual trading with wood mass in the Czech Republic. Its uniform data processing concept creates conditions for the control of wood trading. It comprises sequential and on-line processing of wood acceptance data in a central database of wood mass acceptances occurring in the Czech Republic. As an arbitrator in wood mass trading (independent subject) the company expedites information flows. With the timely processing of information it decreases the costs of all the stakeholders (no complaints, preparation of supporting information for billing) in the aforementioned process.

Principle of the acceptance independence

The independence principle of acceptance conducted by NEZÁVISLÁ PŘEJÍMKA Ltd. comprises the following items:

  • Full responsibility for the whole process of wood mass acceptance
  • Elimination of complaint processes - expedited wood mass acceptance
  • Data processing and analyzing for consumers and suppliers
  • Clarification of the wood mass acceptance methodology
  • Processing of complete data of every delivery
  • Complete preparation of billing data at an appropriate quality and time
  • Service for suppliers - e-mailing of data sets
  • Support of wood mass transportation logistics
  • Dispatching center for suppliers / consumers
  • Possible inspection of independent acceptance by both the supplier and the consumer

Highly qualified persons who are constantly increasing their level of knowledge guarantee independence and objectivity of the wood mass acceptance.